Home in Nome

We made it! Thanks for all the support everyone. It’s great to be home. Here are some pics: a couple of the trail, my team in Nikolai (courtesy of Jeff Schultz), me 50 miles from home with the final 9 dogs, me at the finish and the belt buckle.

The couch is less lonesome these days

Mitsu has made it back to the couch after being dropped early in the race. She ran the whole Iditarod in 2015, so it may be that her couch dog living has softened her up too much.  Regardless, we’re happy to have her home and gave her a day to enjoy the couch before the other dogs start trickling in.  Meanwhile Tom and the team should reach the Western coast of Alaska today and start the trek up the coast toward home, so we’re hoping to have them all back in a few days.


Musher Changes Diaper

360.JPGBy the way, we had a baby in the next-to-the-last month of Iditarod training, so things have been a little busy.  Our very first kiddo, it’s a baby girl named Magda.  She will not be much help in the dog yard for a few years but we still like her so far.  And so far, she is a very happy addition to our 20 dog family (oh by the way, it’s now a 20 dog household: 18 sled dogs, 2 house dogs, EEK!)  -The Missus